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Brittany by Udo Siebig

Where can you find cliffy coasts, coves which look like fjords and beaches with caribbean flair at the same time? Yes we talk about Brittany - the northwestern region of France. The hilly peninsula ist perfect for round trips. Our photographer Udo Siebig enthuses with his latest images from this idyllic beauty spot earthside.

New Orleans by Susanne Kremer

Have you ever heard the definition NOLA? This one stands for New Orleans - the biggest city in the state of Louisiana. NOLA is well known for his local creole kitchen, his important harbor at the Mississippi River and his historical old town "French Quarter". Furthermore it's called "the cradle of Jazz". So you see there is a lot to discover if you decide to visit New Orleans. Our photographer Susanne Kremer supplies you with her latest images beautiful impressions - see here.

Chicago by Massimo Borchi

It mustn't be always New York if you want to experience an exciting city in the USA. Chicago - please note the third largest city of the United States - can be also a very good option. This city which you can find at the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan in Illinois is big, loud and just different. The architecture is amazing. You have several facilities for shopping and the ones who love culture will also discover a lot. Our photographer Massimo Borchi has captured the motley Chicago in his latest pictures - see here.

The Peloponnesus by Olimpio Fantuz

The peninsula in the South of Greek stands out with its collection of Greek monuments, the alternate landscape offers one more impulsion to visit this place: mountains, gorges, cliff lines or lonely beaches. On a round trip you can discover small mountain villages and fishermen spots which spray pure idyll. Our photographer Olimpio Fantuz has captured a part of this idyll - here you can have a look.

Svalbard by Jürgen Ritterbach

The northernmost inhabited region of the world may not be a typical travel destinantion nevertheless it is one of the worth seeing. The norwegian archipelago Svalbard is located between the Norwegian Land and the North Pole. The days from November until January are just like the nights: dark. This rocky, outlying and glacier-ful part of the earth is the home of several animals and provides them protection. Out photographer Jürgen Ritterbach has captured impressions and presents them in his latest production.

Lake Garda by Frank Lukasseck

No big planning - just put your bags into the car and drive off. And for this there is no better destination than a little roundtrip to the biggest lake in Italy: Lake Garda. The places around have a very special charm which allures many tourists every year. Here you just have to enjoy. No so called Hot-Spots you should have seen, just enjoy. Our photographer Frank Lukasseck incites with his latest images to this kind of attitude to life.

Costa Blanca by Reinhard Schmid

A very interesting fact ist that the name "Costa Blanca" was created from tourism managers in the 1950s. On the one hand it is a indication for the typical white houses there and on the other hand to the lighting conditions which let the white sand look white. The contrast between the blue ocean and the white sand is the characteristic feature from this beautiful place on earth. The one who love the mediterranean climate will also love Costa Blanca. The latest images from our photographer Reinhard Schmid will inspire you.

Work of Martha Feustel

Since last year the photographer Martha Feustel belongs to the Huber photographer-community. Her images are a refreshing enrichment. She is definitely a lover of nature photography and her motto is: strength lies in peace. The beauty of nature with all its diversity is captured in her images. Convince yourself here.

Costa del Sol by Reinhard Schmid

Let's have look to Spain - exactly to the South of Spain. Here is the coast Costa del Sol located. What expects us here? The cultural city Málaga, white sandy beaches, an incredibly variety from flat country into mountains, subtropical climate and a happy population. These combination entraps us to a journey in this region and our photographer Reinhard Schmid underlines this with his latest images - see here.

Chalki by Reinhard Schmid

Colourful houses which were built up in small hills...this sounds like a picture book but this is what you get to see if you travel to Chalki (not to mix up wiht Chalcidice) - a greek island in the Aegean ocean. For those who want to unwind far away from touristic places are here very right. Small cafés at the harbour invite you to stay and the white sandy beaches to relax. Our photograper Reinhard Schmid has visited this beautiful spot on earth and we love his latest images.

Lebanon by Iris Kaczmarczyk

The Lebanon - a state in southwest asia which borders to Syria in the North and to Israel in the South. This location doesn't seem to be attractive but for all that the Lebanon is a little jewel wich wants to be explored. The capital Beirut is full of contrasts. Nowhere else in the world you can meet so much cultural diversity as on this small spot. One of our latest photographers Iris Kacmarczyk has put all the prejudices by side and has traveled to the Lebanon. The result: amazing images which show this country in all his facets.

China by Bernd Grundmann

No matter if you are looking for traditional nations, old culture, modern cities or unsullied nature - all these contrasts you can find in the most populous state of Asia: China. Famous sights like the Great Wall of China or the Forbidden City are part of this country. Our photographer Bernd Grundmann motivates with his latest images to visit China.

New photographer: Christian Kraus

The most important requirement for the job as a photographer is a big portion of passion and the talent to capture atmospheric moments. We think Christian Kraus has both: the requirement and the talent. His images speak a very different language and they match to us. Meet his images here.

Rhodes by Reinhard Schmid

Why Rhodes? But why not...the fourth biggest island of Greek has so much more to feature beside his sandy beaches at the turquoise ocean. But even this is reason enough for Rhodos. Here you can find a very charming old town which wants to be explored, small villages, antique ruins and of course good food. So many reasons to visit this island. And when you see the latest images from our photographer Reinhard Schmid you will do this visit.

Iceland by Susanne Kremer

Reykjavík is the capital know that? Of course from the stunning Iceland. Why stunning? Because everyone who was already there describes it like that and they report from spectacular landscapes, force of nature, inviolacy and uniqueness. A travel blogger even writes 'so much beauty is actually not to bear'. Volcanos, geysers, hot springs, fields of lava and giant glaciers emboss the appearance of this nordic insular state. Our photographer Susanne Kremer has captured all these beauty in her latest images of Iceland.

Mauritius by Marco Arduino

We just started a new year and you can not begin early enough to plan your next holidays - inpirations therefore you can find here. For example fans from the Indian Ocean should put the island Mauritius on their Bucket List. You can discover beautiful beaches, lagoons, coral reefes and the mountainous heartland. When you see the latest images from our photographer Marco Arduino your desire to travel there will wake up.

Romania by Jan Wlodarczyk

Ok - let's talk about the homeland of the legend Dracula: Romania! The country in the South-East of Europe accomodates medieval cities, plus a plenty of churches and castles like for example Castle Bran - they say Dracula has lived there once. But irrespective of Dracula the charming nature and the airy traditions give a lot more reasons to visit Romania. See here the latest images of our photographer Jan Wlodarczyk he produced on his journey.

La Gomera by Reinhard Schmid

La Gomera is called the wildest side of the Canaries. No matter if the volcanic mountainous regions, the forest of the Garajonay national parc or the black sandy beaches of this island - these are the reasons for this title. You should also know that this island was marked as biosphere reserve so you can find species which do not exist anymore somewhere else. The numerous characters of La Gomera invite everyone for a visit. See here the latest images from our photographer Reinhard Schmid he made there.

California by Maurizio Rellini

They say life is too short to experience all the beauty of California. So you better start planning a trip there asap. The most populous state in the west of the USA presents all the good sides of life and we don't mean only Hollywood, beaches, surfing and "The American Dream" but also the stunning nature, hospitable cities and the Californian effortlessness. Our photographer Maurizio Rellini has captured a lot from that - see here his latest images.

Nepal by Udo Bernhart

Sir Edmund Hillary and the Nepalese mountaineer Tenzing Norgay climbed up at the 29th of May 1953 for the first time in human history the Mount Everest - known as the highest mountain on earth. Since then it became the Mecca for Trekking-Lovers. This is the reason why a lot of tourists travel to Nepal every year - the Home of the Himalayas. But also travellers who don't want to hike will love this country. You can discover so much from the Buddhistic and Hindu culture here or you can go for a safari and meet animal species which you have never seen before in the wild. Our photographer Udo Bernhart was there and has captured beautiful images with his camera. Have a look.

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