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  • Register and Sign In

    By registering, the whole site become accessible to you, including Lightbox and the Order section. To register you need to fill in a username, password, email address and a few other information. The username and password must be at least 8 characters long and one word with no blanks. For all pages, the field that are required have a red * to the left of each field. Once you are registered you will be able to use username and password to sign in to the site. Adding billing information is necessary for online purchase and download of images. Your password is linked to your billing information, so please do not share it with anyone.


    You can find images searching by geographical names, by keywords, by image number or by Catalogue number.

    Using Keywords

    Keywords describe the image as accurately and comprehensive as possible in four different ways: Geographical location, Subject description keywords, Technical keywords and Concepts. Keywords are not case sensitive. You can search also using part of the keyword and wild char (*): for example if you search SUN*, the search results will be images with SUN, SUNFLOWER, SUNBEAM and all images containing words starting with SUN in their keywords. If you search VEN*, the search results will contain all images with words starting with VEN in their keywords like VEN, VENICE and VENETO.

    > Using Image Number

    All images on the have their identification number and Catalogue images have also catalogues number. If you know the number or you are looking for an image in Catalogue search directly by numbers.

    Advanced Search Page and Location and Special Interest Guide

    You can start searching from Home Page or go to Advanced Search page. Here you can set optional display filter. In Serach Results page you can find a list of location and Special Interest, classified by a Geographical criteria, for each location or Special Interest HUBER IMAGES can offer you a story of images. Click the location or Special Interest to view the related images. Once you have entered your concept or keyword click on the Search button and you will see all the found images on the Search Results page. If you do not get any results please try again or contact us.

    Image Details

    The Search Results page is where you preview thumbnails images that match your search criteria. Clicking on any thumbnail image will take you to the Image details page, where you can see complete caption of each image, usage restriction and additional information about the selected image.

    Find Similar Images

    From Image detail page you can start a new search for similar images, select one or more keywords on the page and start search.

    Lightbox - How to use it

    A Lightbox is a virtual table where you can collect and view images of your interest. To add an image to the Lightbox click on the button (Add to Lightbox) under each image. To open and view your Lightbox click on Lightbox link on the top navigation bar. You can email a Lightbox to others. They will receive an email with a link to the Lightbox that you have created for them. They will be able to purchase directly the images.

    Cart and Pricing

    You can add images to your Cart from Search Results page or Lightbox page. To see your current shopping cart click on Cart link on the top navigation bar. To view the price for image licenses you will need to know the full usage description, including print size, distribution and print run. The licensing fees are calculated from your information provided by selecting usage criteria. You can use the image for the exact use stated on the copyright license, please read carefully the Order Details page before proceeding. Any other usage of any image is in violation of copyright laws. The choice you select in this page will determine the terms of your license. Please find explanations for each of the drop-down menus in usage description:

    How you will be using the image. For example magazine editorial, Book or Advertising.
    Size (and placement)
    Specify if the images will appear on the cover or inside and the size the image will appear in relation to your page layout.
    Print run
    Total number of copies that will be printed or circulation of the newspaper or magazine in which the image will appear.
    How long your product will be in circulation or online.
    The geographical region in which your product will be distributed. For example one country or worldwide.
    Product Industry
    The industry of the product or service you are going to promote using the image. This field is required for us to provide rights control of our licensed images.

    We have priced out the most common types of image uses, if you do not find the usage you need please contact us. Licenses are NOT EXCLUSIVE. If you need exclusive rights please contact us.

    Purchase and Security

    Please verify carefully your Order information, if all is correct click on 'Proceed to payment' to go to Online WEB POS system.

    Please note that your credit card is not stored by HUBER IMAGES, but you are providing information directly to the Bank system. In any case HUBER IMAGES will never receive information about your credit card, but only about your payment. Please see WEB POS help page for more detailed security information. If you are interested in purchasing images in a traditional way (such us bank transfer) and not using credit card, please search images that you need and contact us.

    Refund policy

    You have seven (7) days, from the original purchase date, to cancel the license for obtaining a full refund. After 7+1 days there is no refund and the purchase is considered final. For any question please contact us.

    Image specifications for download

    Image file are compressed as high-quality JPEG for download.

    Digital file specifications:
    Uncompressed image size 55-80 MB - Resolution 300dpi - Format RGB JPG - Download size 4-12 MB - Suggested repro sizes A3+ size and lower (17x12 inch or 42x30 cm)
    Uncompressed image size 15-20 MB - Resolution 300dpi - Format RGB JPG - Download size 500K-2 MB - Suggested repro size A5 size and lower (8x6 inch or 21x15 cm).
    1024px long side.

    All values are approximate.


    Use the thumbnail image for layouts for yourself or your client before purchasing. After the online purchase you will be able to download high-resolution nonwatermarked images. All images are compressed as high-quality JPEG for download. Choose the file size you want to download and click on the link next to the image. Save the image in the destination where you want to store the image file.

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