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Ireland by Cornelia Dörr

What do Guinnes-Beer and the writer Oscar Wilde have in common? Right. They both come from Ireland. But of course this beautiful insular state in Western Europe has so much more to offer. Because of its opulent landscape it is also called the "Green Island". Therefore Ireland is always a famous hotspot for Travel- and Naturelovers. Our photographer Cornelia Dörr has captured stunning images from the Green Island in her latest production - take a look.

Athens by Reinhard Schmid

Let's be honest when we talk about Greek everyone imagines about the beautiful beaches and then we automatically think about beach holiday. But let's continue to be honest we also have to aggree that Greek hast very cool cities too like for examples it's captial Athens. This one wants to be discovered. Imposing sights like the Acropolis allure thounsands of tourists to Athens every year. Our photographer Reinhard Schmid delivers us with his latest images gorgeous impressions from this city.

Peru - Home of the Inca

New year - new travel trends. Peru has to be on the travel bucket list in 2020. The country in South America provides so much more than just the Machu Pichu. Like for example the lake Titicaca whose western part belongs to Peru and Huacachina - a place in a oasis. A lot of fascinating and oppositional nature, a lot of culture and of course a lot of hospitality invite to visit Peru and sure not just in 2020. We made a selection with our most stunning Peru-images. Take a look.

New Zealand by Rainer Mirau

If you want to visit New Zealand - the country of the White Cloud at the end of the World - your travel time will be very long and of course you'll probably have the most horrible jetlag in your life. But it's worth it! This small country which consists from two main islands has only 4 Million inhabitants - quite unpopulated. The spectacular and mystic landscape was the setting for the Lord-of-the-Rings triology and this is one of so many good reasons to come here. Our photographer Rainer Mirau was there and has brought so many stunning images - we hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do.

Cornwall by Reinhard Schmid

Everyone who values loneliness will love Cornwall - the Shire in the South of England. Miles long beaches, idyllic bays and wildly mountainsides offers you that. On the other hand the smooth climate caters the loneliness a little bit. But if you think in Cornwall it is gloomy all the time then you're wrong. Cause you can find there so many pubs with a lot of english hospitality and of course you need to enjoy the famous afternoon tea. Our photographer Reinhard Schmid decided to go to Cornwall and take some pictures and we think this was a very good idea.

Brittany by Udo Siebig

Where can you find cliffy coasts, coves which look like fjords and beaches with caribbean flair at the same time? Yes we talk about Brittany - the northwestern region of France. The hilly peninsula ist perfect for round trips. Our photographer Udo Siebig enthuses with his latest images from this idyllic beauty spot earthside.

New Orleans by Susanne Kremer

Have you ever heard the definition NOLA? This one stands for New Orleans - the biggest city in the state of Louisiana. NOLA is well known for his local creole kitchen, his important harbor at the Mississippi River and his historical old town "French Quarter". Furthermore it's called "the cradle of Jazz". So you see there is a lot to discover if you decide to visit New Orleans. Our photographer Susanne Kremer supplies you with her latest images beautiful impressions - see here.

Chicago by Massimo Borchi

It mustn't be always New York if you want to experience an exciting city in the USA. Chicago - please note the third largest city of the United States - can be also a very good option. This city which you can find at the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan in Illinois is big, loud and just different. The architecture is amazing. You have several facilities for shopping and the ones who love culture will also discover a lot. Our photographer Massimo Borchi has captured the motley Chicago in his latest pictures - see here.

The Peloponnesus by Olimpio Fantuz

The peninsula in the South of Greek stands out with its collection of Greek monuments, the alternate landscape offers one more impulsion to visit this place: mountains, gorges, cliff lines or lonely beaches. On a round trip you can discover small mountain villages and fishermen spots which spray pure idyll. Our photographer Olimpio Fantuz has captured a part of this idyll - here you can have a look.

Svalbard by Jürgen Ritterbach

The northernmost inhabited region of the world may not be a typical travel destinantion nevertheless it is one of the worth seeing. The norwegian archipelago Svalbard is located between the Norwegian Land and the North Pole. The days from November until January are just like the nights: dark. This rocky, outlying and glacier-ful part of the earth is the home of several animals and provides them protection. Out photographer Jürgen Ritterbach has captured impressions and presents them in his latest production.

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